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Calendar Girl Dancers are a multifaceted performance group based out of Whistler, BC. They are known for their dynamic dance performances such as gogo dancers, flow artist and pole dancers. You can be find them in the local nightlife scene, dancing at some of the most popular clubs and events in the area.

CGD signature style combines elements of freestyle dance with mesmerizing flow arts techniques, such as poi spinning and hoop dancing. Their performances are known for their high energy and fluidity, captivating audiences with their hypnotic rhythms and dazzling visual displays.

CGD is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, always looking for new ways to express creativity and entertain their fans. One of the hallmarks of their performances are the handmade costumes and LED visuals. Their unique style combines elements of festival fashion, fantasy, and character performers resulting in eye-catching ensembles that are both beautiful and functional.